Choosing Music For Funerals

Music is such a personal thing – understanding which tracks other people have chosen for their loved ones’ service probably won’t help you much if you’re struggling for inspiration, but what might help is understanding why they chose them.

Below you’ll find some of the reasons that families I work with have given for choosing particular tracks, which I know have helped other families decide on music choices that are genuinely meaningful to them.

man in black long sleeved shirt and woman in black dress

”It was ‘our song’ when we were dating”

greyscale photo of man singing

”He always used to sing that song – very loudly and very badly”

elderly couple dancing

”It was the first dance at our wedding”

audio england great britain headphone

“It makes me think of her whenever I hear it”

people in concert

”We saw the band together as a family, and it was just one of those family days that we always remember”

man people stadium game

”He wasn’t much of a music fan, but he loved Cricket, so he loved that theme tune”

green football field

”It’s the music that his team walk onto the pitch to at every home game”

orange central cinema led signage

”It was from her favourite film, and she loved it because of that”

wine glasses and pictures on table

”After the dementia took hold, music was one of the only things that brought her back – when we played this, she was back to her normal self”.