Memorial Ceremony to Say Goodbye to your Loved One

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The restrictions that have been in place across the country since the start of the pandemic have meant that you may have not been able to hold a memorial ceremony to say goodbye to your loved one in a way that feels appropriate. That could be because you chose to delay the service altogether, with a view to waiting until we were ‘back to normal’ or because you went ahead with a ceremony that was restricted in terms of attendees, content or both.

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If that’s you, then I’d be happy to discuss how together we could prepare and deliver a service that will allow you to say goodbye in a way that will help you to find appropriate closure and to help you through the painful process of grief.

We’ve learnt a lot about how to adapt services to the challenges of the pandemic, and also how to deliver services online in ways that are both personal and inclusive. A memorial service could be a face to face gathering with a handful of close family and friends, it could be an entirely online service, but without any restrictions on time and content, or it could be some combination of the two.

If you’d like a chat to talk through your situation and how we would work together to prepare an appropriate memorial for your loved one, then please get in touch – I’ll be happy to discuss what options we have and how we could work together.

Use the form below to contact me, or call me on 07941 974710, and I’ll come back to you to discuss things further.