Naming Ceremonies to Welcome your New Family Member

naming Ceremonies to welcome your new family member

As people have moved away from traditional religious naming ceremonies, it’s become less common for new families to have any naming ceremony at all, which is a shame, because naming ceremonies to welcome your new family member can be a wonderful way to welcome a new child into the support of their family and friends.

Without any constraints of religion or convention, a naming ceremony can provide a platform for celebration for friends and family, and also provide the guiding adults and/or godparents that the parents have chosen with an opportunity to pledge their support to the child in front of family and friends.

A naming ceremony can take place in your home, in your garden, in a hall or public space* and can be as simple or as involved as you would like.

We’ll meet together to discuss how you would like the ceremony to take place, and following that meeting, I’ll prepare a full script for the ceremony and we’ll work together on any updates. On the day, I’ll deliver the ceremony, involving you any friends or family as per our discussions.

Prices start from £499 which includes:

  • Detailed planning session
  • A bespoke ceremony tailored to your wishes
  • Follow ups via email or Skype as required
  • Additional features such as Unity Candles or Sand Ceremony if required
  • Flexibility to accommodate as much or as little religious, spiritual, cultural or traditional content from anywhere in the world as you would like
  • A professionally printed copy of your Naming Ceremony script

If you’re considering a naming ceremony for your child, contact Michael for a free no obligation discussion:

*(permission may be required for public spaces)